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In 1994 the first World in Miniature Needlepoint Competition was featured at MINIATURA in the NEC. Organised by Daphne Turner and Rosemary Conway-Jones and sponsored by Muriel and Bob Hopwood and David Kilpatrick. It ran for three years and attracted stunning contributions from all over the country. The prizewinners vied with each other to produce ever more challenging entries, spurred on by friendly rivalry and the encouragement of the organisers. Their work was subsequently exhibited at David Kilpatrick's World in Miniature museum in Oban, Scotland where it attracted the attention of Her Majesty the Queen during her tour of the museum in 1996.

Firm friendships were formed as a result of the competition and so the friends decided to combine their efforts in the GUILD OF MINIATURE NEEDLE ARTS to exhibit their work to the public. The Guild held its inaugural exhibition at MINIATURA in September 2000, when there was an opportunity to see old favourite pieces from the World in Miniature Needlepoint Competition as well as new work produced specially for the Guild show.

Our aim is to get as near to true scale, usually 1/12th or 1/24th, as is humanly possible and to take miniature needlework to the highest level of achievement. Further guidance notes can be viewed/downloaded here.

Prizewinners from the original competition are eligible for membership, otherwise it is at the discretion of the Guild. Any work exhibited will be selected for its outstanding excellence. Inspired by the efforts of fellow members and free from the constraints of commercialism which makes the use of the really fine gauzes impractical, we hope to explore and extend the limits of fine needlework so that we can put on a unique and truly outstanding display. We will be publishing dates and venues on this website and in relevant publications.

David Kilpatrick has been generous enough to sponsor and support the Guild, though his " World in Miniature " collection has passed to Bob Gault of Klondyke and Strike's Garden Centres and is now on permanent exhibition at Houghton Hall garden centre, Carlisle.

If you are already working on gauges of 40, 50 or 60 count, enjoy a challenge and would like to test your skills further, we can offer you help and encouragement. As we are a small and scattered group we are unable to run workshops but our help sheet will provide you with tips and advice, together with a list of suppliers, and you can also contact us direct with any queries. Should your efforts be successful and you reach the required standard, you could apply for membership of the Guild and your work would then be exhibited in choice locations throughout the country.

If you are new to miniature embroidery and would like to learn more, our sister organisation the Miniature Needlework Society, which also grew from the original Needlepoint Competitions, publishes a newsletter and runs meetings and workshops in various locations in several countries. They welcome new members.